Moodle Hosting for Curacao
Moodle Hosting for Curacao
Moodle Hosting for Curacao

Looking for a place to create learning materials?

Suares & Co, the Open Source specialist on the island, is offering hosting for educational content created on CuraƧao and the Netherlands Antilles.

Affordable Hosting, Excellent Support

With Moodle Hosting at Suares & Co, you will have Excellent Support for Affordable Prices. Of course there are always places where you can get cheaper hosting, but think of it: will you find an expert that is local to the island, speaks your language, and is available for extensive support?

Workshops and Training

Suares & Co provides training courses and one-day workshops to get you started. Leave your e-mail address with us and we will update you regularly on the availability of courses and workshops.

Special Introduction Offer

If you subscribe now, you will have FREE MOODLE HOSTING until 31-12-2009! Can't beat that price. After that date, you can either cancel your subscription with no further costs, or continue to subscribe for a low fee of 396,- per year. You will get three courses and unlimited users. Each additional course will be 11,- per month, billed on a yearly basis.

Get more information!

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